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GGCC tie
Gloucestershire Gipsies Cricket Club History
GGCC start
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On 2nd September 1921 six gentlemen met at the offices of ES & A Robinson in Bristol to discuss the possible formation of a County Amateur Cricket Club based on "the lines of The Band of Brothers, The Yorkshire Gentlemen, The Hampshire Hogs" etc.
The 1st General meeting took place at the Bell Hotel, Gloucester on 16th January 1922 where it was agreed that the qualification for membership should be:-
"Birth or permanent residence in the county with the county being divided into geographical divisions, each of which should be represented on the committee"
"Cricketers should also be, at the same time, acceptable guests in the average country-house"
"The club colours should be old gold and maroon, the very same colours as depicted in the Arms of the County"
"The entrance fee to be 30/- and there would be no annual subscription with an all-day match fee being 2/ 6d and a half-day match fee being 1/ 6d"
The Duke of Beaufort was invited to be President of the Club and the Lords Bathhurst, Berkeley and Bledisole plus Sir George Holford and Sir Percival Marling were invited to be Vice Presidents of the club.
Early fixtures were arranged against all the major schools in the county and against the better clubs especially those who had their own cricket week. Fixtures were also arranged against other prominent wandering sides and in the month of August 10/12 2 day games became the norm.
In the early days the membership was very much public school or military biased and even in the 1960's the Club Secretary can recollect a prospective new member being turned down firstly for attending Cheltenham Grammar School not Cheltenham College and secondly for having only one initial!!
Nowadays the Club prides itself that it has moved with the times and it enjoys close links with the majority of the senior clubs in the county, also with the schools that still play cricket and indeed with the County Club itself. Over 50 fixtures are played each year including a Cricket week at Stowell Park, the private ground of the Club President, Lord Vestey.
Overseas tours have been a feature of the last 20 years (for both 11 a-side and 6 a-side competitions) and the countries visited include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Thailand (The Chiangmai 6's) and last year a week-end's cricket took place on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, where the Yesnowaitsorries joined us on the tour with their two horses, who competed at The White Turf meeting.
GGCC members
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GGCC stationary
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GGCC addenda
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GGCC cheltenham
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GGCC tour 1978
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GGCC fixture 1932
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GGCC Cyril
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GGCC tour 1938
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GGCC trip
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Radio Gloucester CHris Coley Interview