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Gloucestershire Gipsies Cricket Club Availability
Members & Candidates should apply direct to Match Managers should they wish to be considered for selection for any particular game.
Gloucestershire Gipsies Cricket Club Candidates
Members proposing candidates should ensure that they play a minimum of 2 games to be considered for election.
Gloucestershire Gipsies Cricket Club Guidelines for Match Managers
Adherence to these guidelines should greatly facilitate the task of Match Management and should assist in raising a balanced side and ensure that each game is managed efficiently and professionally.

(NB. No game to be cancelled without prior consultation with the Secretary)

  • Start recruiting for your game well in advance - not 2 weeks beforehand!
  • Study the list of Playing members that is provided for you (tel no's./email addresses are listed)
  • Do not rely on the Secretary to provide you with players at the last moment
  • Encourage anyone "crying off" at late notice to find a replacement player
  • Confirm the appointment of an Umpire and Scorer (this is your own responsibility from the list sent to you by the Secretary)
  • Either collect the Ball and Flag from the Secretary or ensure that the safe arrival of both is in hand
  • For "home" fixtures liaise with the Secretary to ensure that catering is arranged (and its cost)
  • For "home" fixtures liaise with the Fixtures Secretary to ensure that you have contact names/no's for the Club hosting the game
  • For "away" fixtures liaise with the Fixtures Secretary to ensure that you have contact name/no's for the opposition Captain
  • Try to avoid including more than 3 "guest" players in your final XI
  • Encourage your team members to wear Gipsy ties (or Gipsy polo shirts) to the game and encourage Gipsy colours to be worn to the field
  • Arrive early yourself (with the Ball, Flag & Scoresheet) so as to welcome the opposition and your own players
  • Hand score-sheet and playing list to the Gipsy scorer
  • Try to include all members of your side in the game by giving them a bat or a bowl (or even both sometimes!)
  • Endeavour to recruit new Club Members in accordance with the qualifying criteria (minimum of 2 games for candidates)
  • Ensure valuables are locked away as it is not your responsibility as Match Manager or indeed the Club's responsibility
  • Endeavour to get the game to the last over (or even better the last ball!) and do your utmost to avoid a dull draw
  • Endeavour to keep "noise levels" to respectable Spirit of Cricket levels!
  • Do not be afraid to admonish any player (whatever his age!) if he oversteps the mark and report any misdeameanours to the Secretary
  • Encourage your team members to stay for a drink (or two or three or four) with the opposition after the game
  • Buy the Umpires and Scorers a complimentary drink
  • Collect Match Subs: £15 x Full Members, and £5 for Students for a Whole Day Game. £6 x Full Members, and £3 for Students for a Half Day Game, and pay catering fees to either the caterer (home game) or opposition Captain (away game)
  • Home Game only: Collect catering fees from opposition Captain
  • Note on the sheet provided any change of address, tel. no. or email address for any of your players
Return to the Secretary:-
  • The Score-sheet
  • The Match Report Form
Return to the Treasurer:-
  • The Costings Sheet (with the appropriate cheque made out to "Gloucestershire Gipsies Cricket Club"). Please note that Managers are not to be out of pocket themselves and should seek reimbursement from the Treasurer
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